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Forest of Dean Green Party

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We are lucky to live in the Forest of Dean, one of the most beautiful and friendly of Britain, and a place that has changed so much from its industrial past. For that reason we are convinced that the Green Party should be the natural party for the Forest of Dean. Aside from being a beautiful place to play and work, the Forest of Dean is a proud and friendly community of people who are not afraid to stand up for what they believe in. People of all politics worked together to save our Forests from privatisation. That campaign showed how much we all care for our environment and how, when we work together, we can protect the future for the Forest and make sure it is a healthy and sustainable place for our children and grandchildren.


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There are five threats currently facing the Forest. Help us to fight for you...

Unconventional Oil and Gas Exploration (‘Fracking’)

 In August 2015 the Government announced its intention to license the whole of the Forest of Dean for exploration and extraction of oil and gas using unconventional technologies including coal bed methane gas extraction and hydraulic fracturing. These technologies are environmentally destructive and result in higher greenhouse gas emissions. They have no place in the unstable geology and biodiverse habitats of the Forest of Dean. Not only are these technologies dangerous, but they are inefficient and unnecessary. Gloucestershire can generate more energy than it requires through renewables alone. We want investment in green jobs and green power in the Forest of Dean. Although the licences have not been taken up to date, they are still available and so this threat to our environment remains.


The Danger of Oldbury
Not put off by the disaster at Fukishima, Hitachi has plans to build a gigantic Nuclear plant just across the Severn at Oldbury in an area known to be at risk of flooding. We know that Nuclear energy can be dangerous and we know that it doesn’t make financial sense either. And of course, if it does go wrong your homes could be uninhabitable for generations.


Forest Jobs
Only the Green Party has the vision and foresight to propose a new Green Industrial Revolution. This Green revolution shows that there is an alternative to Nuclear power and the dead-end of an oil economy. We have the facts to show that a Green investment in local sustainable energy production could provide thousands of real jobs across the Forest.


Local People in Charge
The Forest has a proud history and its own traditions, but with increasing speed the Forest is being turned into just another commuter belt as jobs and services, healthcare, our schools and colleges are increasingly centralised or managed from Gloucester. The Green Party believes in keeping services and their management local and under the control of the people of the Forest.


Food You Know
It was surprising enough to find we were eating horse when we thought we were eating beef! But were you shocked to find that meat might have come from France via Belarus and Bulgaria. The Green Party believes we should know our food and the people who produce it and that where possible food should be local but always sustainable, healthy and authentic.


Vote for fairness, vote for change, vote Green.


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