Widely criticised benefits scheme set to impact local communities

19 November 2017

Universal Credit comes to the Forest of Dean

The Department of Work & Pensions Universal Credit scheme will begin to roll out across the Forest of Dean for new benefit claimants from Wednesday 22 November. 

Universal Credit has been widely criticised, not least by the Green Party. Delays in payments have left some people destitute and caused large numbers of people to fall into a spiral of debt and many social housing providers with an increased burden of arrears. 

Jonathan Bartley, co-leader of the Green Party, said:

“Universal Credit is an ill-conceived, counter-productive assault on Britain’s most vulnerable. The Work and Pensions secretary may think it’s working, but the reality is different for the families left without food because of lost benefits and delayed payments.

“In pressing ahead with the scheme the Government has shown a complete disregard for the pain it is inflicting, and I urge it to reconsider the roll out. Instead it should pilot a Universal Basic Income, which would truly eliminate the poverty trap.”