We have a team of officers and committee members who run the local party and co-ordinate our activities.

Nicky Packer - Party Chair/Co-ordinator/Local Point of ContactNicky picture

 Nicky is on Ruspidge and Soudley Parish Council and treasurer of the Friends of the Dean Heritage Museum Trust. She is a vocal critic of the Cinderford Northern Quarter development and supporter of community renewable energy.

Jacqui Fabian - Nominating Officer

Andy Moore - Election Agent

Chris McFarling

Chris McFarlingWell-known parish and district councillor Chris McFarling is the Forest of Dean Green Party's Parliamentary Spokesperson and prospective parliamentary candidate for the next general election. Chris McFarling has been a volunteer for most of his life, working for charities for the homeless and those in nature conservation. His priorities include the rebuilding of communities and the implementation of an integrated affordable public transport strategy. He has made waves locally not just on the classic "green" issues like recycling, wildlife and promoting better insulation for new housing, but also by fighting inappropriate planning applications (such as for the quarry extension), and supporting high food hygiene standards, for the benefit of all Forest of Dean residents. Whereas we hardly ever see or hear from our current MP, Chris has worked tirelessly on behalf of people in the Forest over seven years. He is very well-known locally, and passionately committed to the Forest of Dean, his home. We believe this is essential for anyone representing the people of the Forest of Dean in Westminster. Chris says: "I am committed to tackling inequality and improving the chances for everyone, and in particular our young people. We have to open up opportunities on two fronts at once: working locally on issues such as jobs, education and services, and at the same time, by fighting the global threats to everyone's future such as climate change."

 Sid Phelps


Sid portrait

Since being elected in a by-election in February 2017, Sid has certainly left his mark on the FoDDC. A motion on Transparency & Openness has resulted in just that, with the default position being all meetings being open to the public unless there is a good reason not to. Also Council meetings are now live-streamed. Further motions on Affordable HousingViability Assessments (used for developers to default on obligations) and Empty Homes – shows that the Greens are as passionately concerned about people and society as they are about the environment.


Sid has led many successful campaigns in his ward of Lydbrook & Ruardean:-The Black bridge re-opening, Introduction of the Beavers,  Road Safety at Worrall Hill, and is looking forward to winning the new Lydbrook ward in May.

 Dave Wheeler - Campaigns Manager 


Dave portrait

Dave has been a Newland Parish Councillor for 35 years. David is an active member of Redbrook Together, believing that communities can best help themselves by creating community energy. Working as a homelessness officer, he sees first hand how we are failing the most vulnerable in our society. ‘I passionately believe that everyone has a right to equality of opportunity in employment; education; housing and health care.’

As Campaigns Manager, Dave works with Sid to ensure that our candidates can get their message out to voters and we can get even more Greens elected and making a difference for our communities.


 Jane Carr - Treasurer


Jane portrait


Jane works as an organic gardener. She’s our treasurer, a member of gardening groups, LETS, an acapella group and an activist band. ‘But most of all I enjoy this beautiful part of the world and believe the best way to preserve it is with the Green Party.’

As well as being a local activist, Jane looks after our funds and helps to make sure we have the means to make a difference.


Jane Devlin - Events Organiser


Kate Clarke - Press Officer


Kate portrait



Kate is our link with the press locally and ensures that our many activities and succeses are publicly communicated.

David Humphreys - Website Manager


David's portrait

David is a Chartered Electrical Engineer, currently working in the aviation industry.

He has a particular interest in supporting the development of a society that has the genuine interests and needs of people at its heart.

He has stood for election to the District and County Councils for areas around Newent many times.

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